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Diplomacy, Trade and Security Surviving the Dragon: An Interview with Tibetan Lama and Author, Arjia Rinpoche
Mar 30, 2010 – Since Burmese monks heroically rose up during the Saffron Revolution over almost three years ago, people-powered uprisings have rippled along the southwestern periphery of China. Two of these have internal... Read the rest

Top UN Official Accuses Burma of Obstructing Aid
Jun 4, 2008 – Geneva -- The U.N.'s top human rights official, Louise Arbour, has lashed out at Burmese authorities for obstructing aid to victims of Cyclone Nargis. Arbour called into question Burma's rights... Read the rest

International Agencies Regret US Decision to Abort Burma Mercy Mission
Jun 4, 2008 – Bangkok -- United States naval ships with relief supplies for cyclone victims in Burma are leaving the area, because the Burmese government refused their help. As Ron Corben reports from... Read the rest

US to Withdraw Naval Vessels from Burma After Aid Refused
Jun 4, 2008 – The U.S. military says it will withdraw its warships from the waters off Burma after the ruling military government refused to allow the ships to deliver relief supplies to the... Read the rest

Business and Economy Technology Pundits: Dell and the Chinese Market
Oct 24, 2008 – I just returned from China where Dell walked a large group of us through Dell’s massive move to shift from a US centric world market to a China Centric world... Read the rest

Cambodia Lifts Rice Export Ban
May 30, 2008 – Global food prices are still sky-high, but Cambodia has announced an end to its ban on rice exports, and Vietnam may soon follow suit. AFP Thai farmers harvest rice in... Read the rest

The House Price Boom Heads East
May 27, 2008 – Until war and the Communist revolution ravaged Cambodia, Phnom Penh, the country's capital, was known as the 'Pearl of the East'. The city's landscape was an exotic blend of French... Read the rest

Rising Price of Rice Triggers Concern in Asia
Mar 28, 2008 – Bangkok - The cost of rice has risen up to 50 percent on world markets, raising concerns among aid agencies in Asia. The agencies say they are facing shortfalls in... Read the rest

Politics and Government Former Khmer Rouge Minister Appeals for Release
May 30, 2008 – A former Khmer Rouge government minister, facing charges of crimes against humanity before Cambodia's UN-assisted genocide tribunal, appealed for release from pre-trial detention in Phnom Penh on Wednesday May 21,... Read the rest

Government Pulls Plug on Radio Station
May 30, 2008 – The government has shut down a radio station in Kratie province, in what critics call a censoring of free press.   The station, Angkor Rotha, was shut down Wednesday after... Read the rest

Victims Complaints Delayed, Groups Say
May 30, 2008 – The submission of victim’s complaints has been slow in being processed by the Khmer Rouge tribunal, a leading rights group said. “We sent 77 complaints, among the more than 330... Read the rest

Rights Situation ?Pathetic?: Amnesty International
May 30, 2008 – Cambodians continue to suffer under a poor human rights situation and government repression, a Washington-based representative of Amnesty International said.   “It is a pathetic situation for Cambodian people, who... Read the rest

Energy and Resources Oil Official Predicts 2011 Production
Mar 26, 2008 – Cambodia expects to start production of its off-shore oil in 2011, a senior national oil official said Wednesday. Production could begin "if there is no delay," said Te Duong Dara,... Read the rest

Hun Sen Orders Government Energy Saving
Mar 14, 2008 – Prime Minister Hun Sen has ordered government agencies to cut energy corners where they can, in order to save on electric bills. Air conditioners are to be kept at 25... Read the rest

Hun Sen Denies Reports of Gov't Fuel Price Failings
Dec 13, 2007 – Prime Minister Hun Sen said Thursday the government had taken several quiet measures to curb the rapidly rising price in fuel. He was responding to recent criticism that the government... Read the rest

Minister: Gov't 'Unable' to Lower Fuel Costs
Nov 8, 2007 – Cambodia's government cannot immediately bring down the high costs of fuel, despite calls from the opposition and threatened mass demonstrations, a senior official said Thursday. In an exclusive interview with... Read the rest

Science, Nature and Environment Burma Facing Serious Health Crisis
May 29, 2008 – Geneva -- The World Health Organization (WHO) warns hundreds of thousands of victims of Burma's devastating Cyclone Nargis face a potentially serious health crisis.  WHO and partner agencies are launching... Read the rest

Conservationists Urge Locals to Save Cambodia's Rarest Bird
May 28, 2008 – It's in the cool of the very early morning, when the people of Kampong Thom province have only just begun to stir, that the bird-watcher has the best chance of... Read the rest

Burma: What Witnesses are Saying
May 8, 2008 – Witnesses in Burma have been contacting RFA Burmese service staff with heartbreaking accounts of devastation, death, and a major humanitarian crisis in the wake of Tropical Cyclone Nargis. Read their... Read the rest

Cambodia Aims to Help Global Environment
Mar 25, 2008 – Environmental experts met with government officials Tuesday to review the national strategy to improve the global environment and promote sustainable livelihoods. The officials met to answer problems of land degredation,... Read the rest

Community Health, Education and Safety HIV Victims Face Difficulties
May 27, 2008 – Many Cambodians with HIV or AIDS continue to face challenges finding work or careers, thanks to lingering discrimination of the disease, officials said as they marked Global AIDS Week.  ... Read the rest

Crime Reported Down, as Police Eye Elections
Mar 17, 2008 – Prime Minister Hun Sen warned police to ensure peaceful elections in June, while cautioning against political parties who have called for "people power" change in the government. The prime minister... Read the rest

Traffic Deaths Rising Steeply
Mar 14, 2008 – Traffic deaths, especially among the young, are increasing nationwide, government officials said this week, following the release of a new independent report. At least 125 people died and 576 were seriously... Read the rest

Tycoon Gets 13 Years on Debauchery
Mar 14, 2008 – Russian investor Alexander Trofimov was handed a 13-year jail sentence Friday on a conviction of abusing a 14-year-old girl in the beach resort town of Sihanoukville. Trofimov, 41, had been... Read the rest

Expat Insights Indochina Today ... But Not Tomorrow: Our website is going into hibernation!
Oct 15, 2015 – Dearest Readers, We thank you for your kind support and encouragement since we launched IndochinaToday, but are sad to announce we experienced a near-total server failure. We've been able to... Read the rest

Writers (Still) Wanted!
Mar 31, 2008 – Attention aspiring writers, story tellers, and travel bloggers: we're seeking new columnists, travel writers and news/current affairs commentators for all our sites at Obscurity Press! - If you live in... Read the rest

Out on a Limb: A Cycling Western Giant in Saigon
Oct 14, 2007 – A lot of my family members are missing body parts. They don?t live in a leper colony or mine field?they live in Bedford, Pennsylvania, about 45 minutes from West Virginia.   ... Read the rest

Oct 8, 2007 – Chi?s Café serves inexpensive American cuisine to Saigon?s hip expats and a hip soundtrack.    The walls are covered in copies and originals of hip paintings of dots and splatters... Read the rest

Destinations: Travel and Tourism Tourism Needs Transparency, Agent Says
Mar 4, 2008 – The Cambodia Association of Travel Agents is committed to creating more transparency and sustainability in the tourism sector, the president of the association said Monday. Cambodia is experiencing an expansive... Read the rest

Indonesian Jet Lands Safely After Losing Part of Wing
Nov 22, 2007 – An Indonesian jet has managed to land safely even after a section of its wing broke off in flight late Wednesday. A spokesman for Indonesia's Batavia Air says Thursday none... Read the rest

Burmese Crackdown Crushes Local Tourism Industry
Oct 11, 2007 – Bangkok -- Travel industry analysts say that along with economic sanctions and diplomatic condemnation, the political unrest in Burma has brought an end to what might have been a record... Read the rest

Tourism Confab Begins in Siem Reap
Oct 3, 2007 – Tourism officials and businesses are meeting in Siem Reap this week for the 2nd International Angkor Wat Fair, to discuss the development of the famed temples of Angkor Wat and... Read the rest

Arts, Culture and Heritage Red Cross Declines Funding for Statue Commemorating Women and Children Victims of Khmer Rouge
Mar 19, 2008 – The Cambodian Red Cross said Tuesday it would be unable to fund a statue in memory of women and victims of the Khmer Rouge. The statue, of woman and child,... Read the rest

Cambodian Disabled Arts Festival Promotes Equal Rights
Mar 7, 2008 – Phnom Penh -- A festival aimed at promoting disabled artists in Cambodia has just ended in the nation's capital, Phnom Penh. Despite having one of the world's highest rates of... Read the rest

A Return From France, 1975, Part II: A Decision
Mar 4, 2008 – If you were a Cambodian living abroad as the Khmer Rouge took over the country, would you dare go back? One woman did: VOA Khmer's Neou Sarem. A teacher in... Read the rest

A Return From France, 1975, Part I: A Nightmare
Mar 4, 2008 – If you were a Cambodian living abroad as the Khmer Rouge took over the country, would you dare go back? One woman did: VOA Khmer's Neou Sarem. A teacher in... Read the rest

Sports and Recreation Cambodia's Golfers Tee Off in Tournament
Nov 29, 2007 – The Johnnie Walker Cambodia Open golf tournament got underway Thursday, after a tee off from Prime Minister Hun Sen in what he called a "historic event." The 150-player, $300,000 Asian... Read the rest

Bodies of Drown Singaporean Boat Racers Repatriated
Nov 26, 2007 – The bodies of five drown Singaporean boat racers were sent home Monday, following a boat accident Friday that cast a pall over the annual Water Festival. A boat of 22... Read the rest

2010 Olympics Criticized for Not Being Green Enough
Oct 1, 2007 – Banning use of fossil-fuel vehicles and recycling water are some of the tough measures an international Olympics watchdog group wants to see taken in order to make the 2010 Winter... Read the rest

Vietnamese Soccer Stars Convicted of Match Fixing
Jan 26, 2007 – Hanoi -- Seven members of Vietnam's national soccer team have been convicted of deliberately holding down the score in a game against Burma in exchange for payments from a gambling... Read the rest

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• 10/15 Indochina Today ... But Not Tomorrow: Our website is going into hibernation!
• 3/30 Surviving the Dragon: An Interview with Tibetan Lama and Author, Arjia Rinpoche
• 10/24 Technology Pundits: Dell and the Chinese Market
• 6/4 Top UN Official Accuses Burma of Obstructing Aid
• 6/4 International Agencies Regret US Decision to Abort Burma Mercy Mission
• 6/4 US to Withdraw Naval Vessels from Burma After Aid Refused
• 6/3 UN: Nearly Half of Burmese Cyclone Victims Don't Receive Aid
• 5/31 Defense Chief Says US Will Remain Engaged in Asia
• 5/31 US Defense Secretary: Burma's Aid Delays Cost 'Thousands' oLives
• 5/30 Former Khmer Rouge Minister Appeals for Release
• 5/30 Government Pulls Plug on Radio Station
• 5/30 Victims Complaints Delayed, Groups Say
• 5/30 Rights Situation ?Pathetic?: Amnesty International
• 5/30 CPP Forced Coalition Defection: Officials
• 5/30 More Protesters Flee Kampot Arrests
• 5/30 Hun Sen Urges Curbing of Inflation
• 5/30 Police, Protesters Clash Near Hun Sen?s House
• 5/30 Cambodia Closes Radio Station
• 5/30 Cambodia Lifts Rice Export Ban
• 5/30 UN Officials Condemn Burma's Forced Eviction of Cyclone Victims from Relief Centers
• 5/30 Aid Agencies Say Logistical Difficulties Hamper Burma Aid Deliveries
• 5/29 Aid Shipment Leaves Cambodia for Burma
• 5/29 Burmese Struggle to Rebuild
• 5/29 UN Warns Burma's Food Security at Risk
• 5/29 Burma Grants Visas to Relief Workers, But Little Access to Delta
• 5/29 Burma's Military Rulers Put New Constitution into Effect
• 5/29 Burma Facing Serious Health Crisis
• 5/28 Conservationists Urge Locals to Save Cambodia's Rarest Bird
• 5/28 China's Growing Presence in Cambodia
• 5/28 Burmese Media Softens Stance Toward Cyclone Donors
• 5/28 India Helps Burma, China in Wake of Disasters
• 5/28 US Not Sure Aid Reaching Burmese Victims, May Remove Ships
• 5/27 The House Price Boom Heads East
• 5/27 Hun Sen Discourages Election Violence
• 5/27 HIV Victims Face Difficulties
• 5/27 Parties Trained for Election Observation
• 5/27 Hundreds Rise Up Over Land Disputes in 2 Provinces
• 5/27 Burma Extends House Arrest for Aung San Suu Kyi, Arrests Opposition Supporters
• 5/27 Burma Government Says Voters in Cyclone Region Approved Constitution
• 5/27 Bush 'Deeply Troubled' by Extension of Aung San Suu Kyi's Detention
• 5/27 One Million Cyclone Victims Have Received Aid in Burma
• 5/27 Aid Agencies Test Burma's Pledge to Allow Assistance
• 5/27 UN's Ban Regrets Burma's Continuing Detention of Aung San Suu Kyi
• 5/26 Agencies Wait for Burma's Government to Allow Relief Workers Into Country
• 5/26 Analysts Say ASEAN Trying to Bridge Burma's Trust Issue With West
• 5/26 Analysts Monitor Political Impact of Disaster Response in China, Burma
• 5/25 UN Chief Optimistic Burma Will Open to Cyclone Relief
• 5/12 UN Chief Criticizes Burma's 'Slow' Response to Cyclone
• 5/12 Burma Rice Production Hurt by Cyclone, Adding to Humanitarian Crisis
• 5/12 US Raises Burma Relief Donations to $16 Million

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VOA News: Asia

• 5/2 Nepal's Maoists Begin Nationwide General Strike
• 5/2 Pakistani Officials: Air Strikes Kill at Least 19 Militants
• 5/2 Thai PM: Govt. Preparing to Retake Protest Site
• 5/2 China Opens Doors to World Expo, Visitors Face Long Lines
• 5/1 Talks Fail to Resolve Nepal's Deepening Political Crisis
• 5/1 Burma's Leader Warns of Saboteurs Conspiring to Derail Election
• 5/1 Afghan Cricket Team Overcomes Challenges to Compete in T20 World Cup
• 5/1 Chinese Dissident Disappears for Second Time
• 5/1 UN Says Burma Needs More Funds for Cyclone Recovery
• 5/1 May Day Rallies Spotlight Global Workers' Rights Push
• 5/1 Nepal on the Brink as Maoists Take to Streets on May Day
• 4/30 Swat Valley Returnees in Acute Need of Help
• 4/30 Aung San Suu Kyi Sues to Keep Political Party Alive
• 4/30 Talk of North Korean Collapse Rekindled By Currency Reform Fallout
• 4/30 China Celebrates Opening of World Expo in Shanghai


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