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Arts, Culture and Heritage Hoang Thuy Linh's Sex Tape Kills Her Acting Career
Oct 30, 2007 – Asian-Sirens.com

19-year-old Hoang Thuy Linh, who stars in the Vietnamese television series Vanh Anh Diaries, is facing dire consequences due to a sex tape of her and her boyfriend that leaked over the internet. Days after the video leaked, Vietnam Television (VTV) dropped the series, according to BBC News.

Hoang, face wet with tears, made a profuse apology on the VTV show in which the series cancellation was announced.

Hoang had cultivated a good-girl image as part of her role on Vanh Anh, where she plays the schoolgirl Vanh Anh. The show centers on the lives of Vanh Anh, her friends, and day-to-day life as Vietnamese schoolchildren, BBC News reported. A hugely popular show amongst preteens, my impression is that it could best be described as the Vietnamese equivalent of The Lizzie McGuire Show.

According to the Associated Press (AP), the 16-minute video clip hit the internet on October 15. The sex scandal had everyone in Vietnam talking. Vietnamese conservatism (a societal heavy emphasis on pre-marital sex, for instance), coupled with the show's massive and rising popularity among children and young teens are two primary reasons as to the dramatic reaction to the scandal.

A commenter in the AP story pointed out that Hoang's boyfriend has evaded public wrath, whereas Hoang has been victim to the blame and embarrassment, suggesting gender inequality in Vietnam.

On the web, commenters in fora can be seen expressing their mixed reactions, from showing deep sympathy for Hoang and drawing analogies with Paris Hilton's sex tape (which, in contrast, turned her into a superstar) to admonishing her careless actions and disrespect for her position as a role model for young girls in Vietnam. Either way, one thing is clear: the sex scandal has tarnished Hoang's career forever.

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